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Come and join a PILOXING class in Gainsborough. 

Yes, the name may sound a little odd, but once you've tried PILOXING you'll have no doubts about this exciting, energetic class.

PILOXING combines very different, but highly complementary types of exercise: Pilates, boxing and dance. Working barefoot, you'll focus on core strengthening and aerobic conditioning, which is essential for getting your body into the best possible shape. PILOXING is also a dance workout, so you'll develop your agility, balance, stamina and posture, leaving you feeling sleek, sexy and powerful. What's more, its an interval based class (split into high and low energy blocks) the type of training that burns the most calories and improves your fitness levels.

Did we mention you'll have a blast too?

Due to high demand please be sure to book in advance. In the meantime you can also checkout this piloxing video which includes moves you would see in a typical PILOXING class. Or see what other PILOXING, ZUMBA and yoga attendees think on our facebook page